International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Program

International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) are a vital part of the teaching mission at the University of Utah. The Graduate School requires all graduate students who are non-native speakers of North American English to be cleared by the ITA Program in order to be eligible for a tuition benefit for teaching assistant work.


Screening for oral English proficiency is done throughout the year, and pre-semester workshops prepare ITAs for their teaching assignments. On-going training and support are offered throughout the academic year.

Graduate School ITA Clearance Policy

International students whose first language is not North American English and who have been awarded financial assistance in the form of teaching assistantships by their academic department must be cleared by the ITA Program prior to beginning their TA assignment. Students who are not cleared before the semester begins are not eligible to receive a tuition benefit as a teaching assistant. The student’s home department or program is responsible for registration.

Details on the ITA Clearance Process