ITA Clearance Process

What Is The International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP)?

In order to receive a tuition benefit for a TA position, ITA Clearance is required for any graduate student whose native language is other than North American English. The candidate must meet two requirements: An adequate level of spoken English proficiency, and completion of ITA training.

ITAP Dates For Summer 2014

April, 2014: Currently matriculated students screened for spoken English proficiency.

July, 2014: Incoming candidates for ITA Clearance (new admissions) who do not have the required iBT speaking score take the Spoken English Evaluation (SEE) via Skype.

Tuesday, August 19 & Wednesday, August 20

ITA Training Part 1 (ITA Survival Skills)

ITA Training Part 2 (Student evaluations, activities, seminars) takes place during Fall Semester.


Registration is done by the student’s home department or program. Interested students should contact the coordinator in their home department and the ITAP Manager via email. If in doubt as to who your department contact is, write an email to the ITAP Manager.

Spoken English Proficiency

The Speaking score of the internet-based TOEFL (iBT) is used for pre-screening. Students with 25-30 on the iBT Speaking Score gain ITA Clearance automatically once they complete ITA Training. Students whose iBT Speaking Score is below the required 25 / students who do not have an iBT score take the Spoken English Evaluation (SEE).

ITAP Flow Chart


Graduate-Level Spoken English Classes

Multiple sections of graduate-level spoken English classes will be offered during Fall Semester. The classes focus on spoken English skills and ITA skills. ITAP participants have priority registration, and some students will be required to attend as part of their route toward ITA Clearance. Oversight by the ITAP assures content appropriate to the needs of graduate students and with timing that accommodates their busy schedules.

Questions? Contact the ITA Program Manager: