Subsidized Graduate Student Health Insurance

Subsidized insurance is available to TAs and RAs who are receiving a full 100% tuition benefit.  They may hold both a TA and an RA position (with the total adding up to 100% tuition benefit) to qualify. The insurance is the same Student Health Insurance policy offered to all U of U students. Coverage for dependents is not subsidized. Rates and brochures are available at

Qualifying students are billed for 20% of the premium through Income Accounting.  The Graduate School pays the remaining 80% at the start of the semester. Throughout the semester, The Graduate School is reimbursed via bi-monthly payroll deductions from the TA benefit pool or RAbenefit allotment. For this reason, RA’s must be paid from a grant (5000 fund) that has a benefit allotment for each student researcher. If there is no benefit pool on the grant that the student is paid from, they should be coded as a GA and not included on the subsidized health insurance.

Rates and brochures for this policy are available online at or from:

Student Health Services
Madsen Health Center Level 1
555 Foothill Blvd.
Salt Lake City, UT, 84112

Additional information is available from Student Health Services (

United HealthCare has created a flowchart to help graduate students know how to enroll in the health plan, depending on their individual situation. Click here to download the flowchart.