Admissions Updates: April 15 Resolution, Processing Applications, and New Policy

From CGS Website:

Several CGS members have asked whether the April 15 Resolution will be changed to account for the impact of the coronavirus disruption on educational testing and student mobility issues. CGS’s position is that the April 15 deadline should continue to remain in effect for 2020. Because signatory institutions and programs may be affected differently by COVID-19, and may adjust their admissions and funding decision timelines accordingly, we believe that it is not feasible for the community to agree to a different deadline this year.

We provide a few additional points of clarification based on questions we have received:

  • If an offer of financial support is made prior to April 15, applicants have until April 15 to accept it and the program should honor that commitment through April 15. Extension of this deadline beyond April 15 is up to the individual program or institution.
  • Programs and/or institutions are free to make offers of admission and of financial support after April 15 if they choose to do so. They may set any deadline for acceptance of the offer, as long as the deadline is after April 15. 
  • Programs and/or institutions may choose to offer conditional admission and offers of financial support to students with incomplete applications (e.g. lacking test scores) or to wait until all requirements can be satisfied

From Office of Admission: As of April 10, the Office of Admissions is working through as many evaluations and admits as possible. Due to staff shortage, they are about 1-2 weeks out on evaluations for domestic applicants and about 3-4 weeks out on international evaluations. And, about 2-3 weeks out on admits. 

New policy for students with late-posting degrees due to COVID-19 related delays:

Given the circumstances of COVID-19, graduate programs may allow a student accepted into their program to start AY20-21 classes prior to receipt of their undergraduate degree.  The student must request an official copy of their transcript be sent to the Office of Admissions to demonstrate receipt of their BA/BS degree by the end of Fall semester.  If a final official transcript is not received by then, a hold will be placed on the student’s file and the University retains the right to withdraw their graduate student status (following Policy 6-400). If the University, as a result, terminates the graduate student status, tuition for coursework completed in the graduate program will not be refunded.