Electronic Graduate Record File Tutorial

Introduction to Graduate Student Summary

Viewing Your Electronic Graduate Record File

  1. Log in to the Campus Information System
  2. On the student tab, find the Icon: Graduation
  3. Students can view their online file by clicking on the Icon: Graduate Student Summary

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Performing A Graduate School Requirements Audit


The Graduate Student Prog Plan Audit provides a summary of:

  • which Graduate School requirements have been met
  • where the student is in terms of meeting his/her requirements for graduation
  • missing supervisory committee approvals
  • all the semesters for which the student has been continuously enrolled
  • a list of all approved leaves of absence that have been placed on the student’s record

Student Responsibilities

  • Make sure they are on track for graduation
  • Keep track of any missing approvals, grades, etc.

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Viewing Your Graduate Student Committee (Supervisory Committee)


The Grad Student Committee page displays the members of your supervisory committee, which is responsible for approving the student’s academic program, preparing and judging the qualifying examinations subject to departmental policy, approving the thesis or dissertation subject, reading and approving the thesis or dissertation, and administering and judging the final oral examination (thesis or dissertation defense). For more information, see The Graduate School section of the General Catalog.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for verifying their committee information and keeping their department informed and up to date with any changes.

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Working With Your Program Of Study


Student Responsibilities

  • verifying that all of the information that has been entered is correct
  • keeping their department informed and up to date with any changes in coursework
  • keeping their department up to date with their expected semester of graduation
  • responsible for keeping track of missing approvals

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