Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award

Virtual Conference Award

The Virtual Conference Award is a new opportunity for grad students and postdocs to present their research at a conference or professional meeting that has switched to a virtual platform where there is no physical travel and registration is the only expense needed. If the grad student or postdoc is able to verify that their abstract has been accepted to present, the grad school will award up to $200 to cover the registration expense.

Applications must be received in the Graduate School before the conference date. Students are only allowed one travel award per year. This award is available to Master’s, Ph.D., and Postdocs. The VCA can only be awarded while students are registered in a graduate program or are a verified postdoc at the University of Utah.

Questions or concerns about this program can be directed to or by calling (801) 581-7642.

Early Career Professional Development Program

Under this program, first-year and second-year graduate students can apply for Graduate School funds to attend academic workshops or training opportunities without any presentation requirements. This competitive financial award can help early Graduate students to gain skills and backgrounds that will be important for their future research and creative activities.

Students receiving the ECPDP are expected to actively participate in their proposed training. Students applying for the ECPDP will need to demonstrate their intent to participate through proof of workshop registration, training registration, or other documents.

Like the Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award (GSTAA), the ECPDP is a matching funds program. Students who apply for the ECPDP must-have travel funding support from their departments, PI, or other University funding source to receive matching funds support from the Graduate School. The Graduate School will match funds up to the amount of $500. This portion of the ECPDP policy is subject to change for virtual professional development opportunities. Please note: students are only allowed one virtual award.

Students who receive an ECPDP award who pursue their Ph.D. degree will still be eligible for the GSTAA starting in the third year of their Ph.D. program. The GSTAA requires that the student requesting travel funds be fully accepted as a presenter in the proposed conference before funds are awarded.

Questions or concerns about this program can be directed to or by calling (801) 581-7642.

Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award

The Graduate School’s Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award (GSTAA) is designed to provide students the opportunity to present research accomplishments to the larger academic community. Graduate student research presentations provide practical experience in preparing and giving effective research presentations, thereby building broader research skills. The opportunity to attend a research conference also assists in the development of networking opportunities that may lead to future research and employment opportunities.


  • You must be a student who is actively enrolled in a graduate program here at the U.
  • You must not have received previous funding from the graduate school.
  • You must show verification that your abstract has been accepted to present at the conference you are attending.
  • You must receive matching university funds.

Applications must be submitted to the Graduate School before the travel dates. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Requests are considered up to a maximum of $500 and must be supported with a dollar-for-dollar match from university funds. University funds include development, operation, service, research, etc. A student can only receive the GSTAA once per graduate career. Once they accept this award, the student will no longer be eligible for the GSTAA or the ECPDP.

Graduate travel awards are available to Master’s, Ph.D., and professional students. Travel awards are only awarded for travel, which occurs while students are registered as a graduate student at the University of Utah.

The Graduate School is currently not accepting applications for this award. Please see Virtual Conference Award

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