Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award


Need to cancel a trip due to coronavirus travel restrictions? Please review our temporary policy on trip cancellation and reimbursement for non-refundable cancellation expenses related to the current University of Utah travel advisories and restrictions.

Early Career Professional Development Program

The Graduate School will pilot a limited funding pilot program called the “Early Career Professional Development Program” (ECPDP). Under this program, first-year and second-year graduate students can apply for Graduate School funds to attend academic workshops or training opportunities without any presentation requirements. This competitive financial award can help early Graduate students to gain skills and backgrounds that will be important for their future research and creative activities.

Students receiving the ECPDP are expected to actively participate in their proposed training. Students applying for the ECPDP will need to demonstrate their intent to participate through proof of workshop registration, training registration, or other documents.

Like the Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award (GSTAA), the ECPDP is a matching funds program. Students who apply for the ECPDP must-have travel funding support from their departments, PI, or other University funding source to receive matching funds support from the Graduate School. The Graduate School will match funds up to the amount of $500.

Students who receive an ECPDP award who pursue their Ph.D. degree will still be eligible for the GSTAA starting in the third year of their Ph.D. program. The GSTAA requires that the student requesting travel funds be fully accepted as a presenter in the proposed conference before funds are awarded.

The Graduate School will evaluate the success of the ECPDP for the Academic Year of 2019-2020 and will make adjustments and plans for continuance based on student need, the success of the program, and available funding for graduate student travel.

Questions or concerns about this program can be directed to or by calling (801) 581-7642.

Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award

Applications for Graduate Student Travel Assistance are accepted from currently enrolled University of Utah graduate students whose research or creative project has been confirmed for presentation at a professional meeting. This assistance is contingent upon the applicant presenting at the meeting.

The Graduate School’s Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award (GSTAA) for FY 20 (July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020) is now open for applications.

You may apply for funding support if you meet the following conditions:

  1. You will be presenting your research work at a conference or professional meeting.
  2. You received confirmation from the conference venue stating that your abstract has been accepted for presentation.

Travel Awards Web Portal

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