Directors of Graduate Studies

Each graduate program at the University of Utah appoints a Director of Graduate Studies to assist students in the program and to be a liaison to The Graduate School. The directors meet with The Graduate School leadership monthly during the academic school year to exchange information, contribute to policy discussions and network with Directors in other programs.

In addition to the Directors of Graduate Studies, many programs have a staff member appointed as a graduate student advisor who assists students in navigating policies and completing required paperwork. The Graduate Advisors Professional Association group also meets regularly to exchange information and discuss topics relevant to graduate study at the University of Utah.

Need to make changes for the Director of Graduate Studies? 

To change, update, or add a Director of Graduate Studies or department contact information please complete the Change/Add Director of Graduate Studies form

Attention – Tuition Benefit Program Update

The Graduate School seeks community input on proposed changes to the tuition benefit program (TBP) for Fall 2020. The proposed changes will extend the flexibility, duration, and funding options for TBP.

Please look for Town Hall meetings in colleges across campus in October/November to discuss proposed changes with the Dean of the Graduate School. In addition, the presentation below outlines the background behind the update and and proposed enhancements.  Questions and feedback regarding the proposed TBP update can be sent to  Dean David Kieda at

Tuition Benefit Program Update 10/2019