Dean of Students Office
Olpin Union Building #270

The Dean of Students’ Office coordinates the Student Conduct Administration processes, serves as an advocate for students facing challenges to their success as students, and advises several student leadership organizations. We have staff ready to assist students, staff, faculty, family members, and community members with student issues and concerns. We administer the Student Conduct procedures for the campus and provide advocacy assistance to students in need.

DOGS Contact:
Katie Cartee
Associate Dean of Students
for Behavioral Intervention & Advocacy

University Counseling Center
Student Service Building #426

The Center helps students, staff, and faculty resolve existing problems, prevent potential problems, and develop new skills that will enrich their lives. Counseling services address personal, career, and academic learning issues. Formats include individual, couples, and group counseling. Psychiatry services are available for clients engaged in ongoing counseling. Crisis services and support are available during counseling center business hours. Our Mindfulness Clinic offers several resources aimed to reduce stress and manage anxiety.

DOGS Checklist for Graduate Handbooks v2.0

Use the following document to develop and check your department handbook. Essential items are listed first, and there is an extended list of supplementary items following.

Checklist for Graduate Handbooks v2.0

Family Leave and Dismissal Policies

Following the direction of President Pershing, departments are expected to produce their own policy language for graduate student family leave and dismissal. Below you will find some examples of these policies across University of Utah departments to help guide you in creating your own policies.

Parental Leave Graduate Student Policy Options

Parental Leave Policies

Dismissal Policies

Student Code

University Policy 6-309 – Academic Staff, Educational Trainees, Postdoctoral Fellows and Medical House Staff (D. Orderly Dismissal)

Family Leave Policies at Other Institutions

You may also want to look at the following reference materials which speak to different aspects of the issue. You can see there was a big push for this nationwide several years ago; we are definitely in the minority.

Office of General Counsel
201 Presidents Circle
Room 309 SLC, UT 84112

Student Health Center
555 Foothill Drive Level 1

Women’s Resource Center
Olpin Union Building #411

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) at the University of Utah serves as the central resource for educational and support services for women. Honoring the complexities of women’s identities, the WRC facilitates choices and changes through programs, counseling, and training grounded in a commitment to advance social justice and equality.

Center for Disability Services
Olpin Union Building #162

The Center for Disability Services evaluates disability documentation, determines eligibility, and implements reasonable accommodations for enrolled students as guided by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and University policy.

Veterans Support Center
Olpin Union Building #161

The Mission of the Veteran Support Center is to improve and enhance the success of student Veterans; to help them receive the benefits they deserve; to serve as a liaison between the Veteran student community and the University; and to increase their academic success. Additionally to provide an opportunity to continue the relationships built through the service in civilian life.