Graduate Council

Composition and Authority of Graduate Council

The Graduate Council supervises graduate study at the University of Utah. It is responsible for the review and evaluation of all existing departments and programs that award graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates. The Undergraduate Council participates with the Graduate Council in the review of undergraduate programs based in departments awarding graduate degrees. The Graduate Council also reviews and evaluates proposals for new graduate degrees and certificates; academic administrative units (e.g., departments, divisions); centers, institutes, and bureaus and proposals for name changes or major revisions of the preceding. It assumes other responsibilities as established by University or Board of Regents Policy. The administration of professional degrees may be delegated by the Graduate Council to colleges, schools, or departments.

The Graduate Council members shall be appointed by the University president on recommendation of the dean of The Graduate School. Nominations of faculty members will be made by College Councils for communication by the college dean to the dean of The Graduate School. Nominations of student members will be made by ASUU for communication by the ASUU president to the dean of The Graduate School. Faculty members on the Council shall represent all schools and colleges offering degrees under the jurisdiction of the Graduate Council. Student membership shall be limited to three members, two graduate and one undergraduate, broadly representative of the schools and colleges of the university.

The Graduate Council shall establish policies and Procedures for The Graduate School, such policies and procedures being subject to review by the Academic Senate as specified in Faculty Regulations.

Checklist for Graduate Council Proposals

Use the following document to focus your review of proposals to the Graduate Council. The issue items listed on this checklist will also guide Council discussions.

Checklist for Graduate Council Proposals