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Graduate Funding Success Symposium Presentations

Here, you can find presentations and documents from the Graduate School’s Graduate Funding Workshops and Symposiums.

2020 Graduate Funding Success Series

Jolyn Schleiffarth of the Graduate School will discuss funding resources at the U of U.

Overview of Resources Session Slides

Overview of Resources Session Recording

What does it take to apply for National Institute of Health fellowships? In this session, Dr. Sheri Holmen of Surgery overviews the process and requirements for this award.

NIH Information Session Slides

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In this session, Dr. Tony Butterfield of Chemical Engineering summarizes the Graduate Research Fellowships offered by the National Science Foundation.

NSF Info Session Recording

Specific Aims is an important part of an NIH application. Dr. Gary Schoenwolf of Neurobiology & Anatomy will discuss how to craft excellent Specific Aims.

Writing with Specific Aims Session Slides

Writing with Specific Aims Session Recording

Broader Impacts can make or break an NSF Fellowship application. In this session, Dr. Anthea Letsou of Human Genetics describes what the Broader Impacts section is and how best to create it.

NSF Broader Impact Statement Recording


Working with a peer writing group, whether colleagues in your department or even peers from different disciplines, can help give you structure and accountability, plus just make writing more fun! Join Abby Christensen, the U’s Writing Center for tips on how to set up a successful peer writing group.

Forming an Effective Peer Writing Group Slides

Forming an Effective Peer Writing Group Recording



In this session, Dr.’s Wilson and Zullo of the Huntsman Cancer Institute will provide valuable tools to help you refine your abstract. 

Honing an Abstract Slides

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When applying for fellowships, describing a training plan can be important and an IDP can be an integral tool for career development in that context. But, an IDP is useful to learn about whether or not you’re writing a fellowship application!

Incorporating an IDP Slides

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