Graduate School Leadership

The Graduate School leads and supports several important governing bodies that work to maximize graduate student experience, maintain research excellence at the U, and solve administrative and student problems.

Dr. David Kieda

Graduate School Office

The Graduate School Office houses several graduate-focused offices and departments. Dean David Kieda and Associate Dean Katharine Ullman oversee graduate studies at every level. Read the current Dean’s Message. 



The Graduate Advisors Professional Association (GAPA) is the Utah chapter of the national organization that provides administrative support to graduate students and graduate programs. GAPA members meet each semester to discuss policies at the University of Utah and improve graduate student experience. Graduate Advisor? Register to join GAPA.


Directors of Graduate Studies

Each degree program at the University of Utah has a Director of Graduate Studies (DoGS). DoGS oversee graduate programs at the departmental level, implement new policies, and are the first tier of mediation for student and administrative problems. Find DoGS by department.


Graduate Council

The Graduate Council sets university-wide policy for graduate programs at the University of Utah. All new graduate programs, certificates, centers, and policies must be approved by the Graduate Council before passing to the University Senate. In addition, the Graduate Council is tasked with reviewing graduate and undergraduate departments every seven years to ensure continuing excellence in research and student experience.


Graduate Student Advisory Councils

Many departments have organized a Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) to provide peer direction to graduate students, participate in faculty hiring, and advise on matters related to graduate student experience. List of current GSACs at the University of Utah.


Graduate Education Strategy Group