Grammarly Premium is now available to University of Utah graduate students.

Grammarly Premium is a premiere AI writing assistant that helps develop writing skills as a well as edit text documents, emails, Facebook, Twitter, or any web-based application. The Graduate School has purchased a subscription which provides Grammarly Premium software to all University of Utah graduate/professional students at no cost to the individual.

Graduate students are encouraged to use Grammarly throughout their graduate research career. There are many helpful aspects of Grammarly, including

  • grammar and sentence structure correction
  • suggestions for clarity & readability
  • plagiarism & citation checks
  • individualized writing feedback

Additionally, the University of Utah’s Thesis Office manuscript clearance process is being integrated with use of Grammarly to substantially reduce the time for approving student manuscripts for publication.

Students receive access to Grammarly Premium via their Umail account and have access to the software as long as they maintain active status as a graduate student. If you are an active student who has chosen to forward your Umail account to a private (unofficial) email address outside the official University network address, look in your private email’s spam/junk folder for your email from Grammarly.