Important Dates and Deadlines

See ITA Clearance Process for information about the two requirements needed for ITA Clearance.

The next ITAP will be held in August, 2019

  • Registration requests have been received from most departments. Preliminary deadline is Friday, May 31.
  • If you are a student, expect to attend, and have not heard from Diane Cotsonas, ITAP Manager, contact your department Tuition Benefit Coordinator or Graduate Advisor.


SEEs (Spoken English Evaluations): August 6 

ITA Training: August 12-15

In-person session over lunch Tuesday, August 13 from 11am-1pm. Location to be announced.

  • The rest of the ITA training is delivered via Canvas, the U’s online course tools. An invitation to the site will be sent to registered students towards the end of July.
  • The Canvas site will open on Friday, August 9, and the first assignment will be due Monday night August 12, with daily modules due the next three nights for a total of 4 modules & accompanying assignments.
  • Allow 2-3 hours per day for completion of modules & accompanying assignments.
  • Clearance Status will be sent to participating departments on Friday, August 16.

Recommended Arrival Dates for the August 2019 ITAP

  • Students who have not met the ITAP Spoken English Requirement are advised to arrive on campus by August 1 at the latest.
  • Students who have met the ITAP Spoken English Requirement are advised to arrive on campus by August 8 at the latest.
  • Keep in mind these are for ITAP purposes. Check with your department for other activities & events you may need to attend.