Professionalism Resources

Preparing for a Career

Individual Development Plan 

Your Individual Development Plan (IDP) is designed to help you explore and identify training and career goals, and enumerate clearly defined actions to achieve these goals. Learn more

Your Career Is Now

Whether you plan to pursue academia or want to keep your options open to other opportunities, the time to start developing yourself professionally is now! Basic professional skills such as networking, interviewing, and negotiation will serve you well, both as a graduate student and as you prepare for job talks, industry, teaching positions, or career interviews. Whether you’re just starting your studies or nearing graduation, this workshop is an excellent way to build up skills and prepare for your post-graduation goals.

For NON-Stem Students

If you’ve earned your PhD in the humanities or are close to earning it, you’ve done a lot of things. You’ve given presentations at national professional conferences like the MLA convention; you’ve taught dozens of undergraduates; you may have organized conferences, served on hiring committees, and coordinated academic programming; you’ve researched and written an entire dissertation! But how do you talk about these things in a way that is meaningful to potential employers who are unfamiliar with academia? The documents on this page will help.