Other Resources

There are many resources for effective research communication available here in Salt Lake City, as well as across the nation and world-wide. Read below for more information on these local and general resources.

Highlighted Resources

Science on Tap

This group holds events at local pubs to bring scientific topics to the general public. They welcome students and postdocs to get involved and will help them tailor a talk for the occasion (as well as buy them a drink).  It’s also a chance to see others present, so you are encouraged to come to their events with questions, skepticism, and boundless enthusiasm for the scientific method in hand.


Joe’s Big Idea & Friends of Joe’s Big Idea (FOBJI)

NPR Science Correspondents Joe Palca and Madeline Sofia have created “Joe’s Big Idea,” an online news source that “examines where scientists’ big ideas come from, how they pursue those ideas and how something goes from an idea to a discovery.” In addition to publishing fascinating science stories, the duo run “NPR Scicommers,” a Slack chat channel where researchers across the country share communication resources, discuss how best to report their research, and keep informed about upcoming events. “NPR Scicommers” has a specific University of Utah chat channel which you can join by emailing msofia@npr.org.

Website: Joe’s Big Idea
Website: Friends of Joe’s Big Idea

National & General Resources

Please note: this list is intended as a collection of public resources and not as an official University endorsement. Please be advised that the Graduate School does not back any claims made by these sources, and does not guarantee their services.


The aim of SciReach is to give graduate students in the sciences like the ones at the University of Utah somewhere to find opportunities to practice their science communication skills, network, and get inspired to pursue their passion for science communication.

ComSciCon – Harvard University

ComSciCon is a series of workshops focused on the communication of complex and technical concepts organized by graduate students, for graduate students. ComSciCon attendees meet and interact with professional communicators, build lasting networks with graduate students in all fields of science and engineering from around the country, and write and publish original works.

Key Toastmaster’s Club – University of Utah

Toastmasters seeks to improve communication and public speaking skills while building leadership qualities. There are a number of chapters across the Salt Lake Valley.

Accent Modification Coaching

Coaching exists for practicing speaking clarity and accent modification. Carefully review the qualifications of coaches and your communication aims before pursuing accent modification.


The TEDxSaltLakeCity mission is based on the TED mission, seeking to is to cultivate and circulate “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Topics range from current scientific research to tips to living a worthwhile life.

The People’s Science Tips and Tricks for Sharing Your Research

“Share Your Science” website couldn’t find a collection of researcher engagement and outreach resources, so they made their own! Their online resources include guides for English communication, giving talks, talking with the media, and more.