Ellen Christina Steffensen Cannon

The Steffensen-Cannon Scholarship was established in 1989 by Hugh Cannon to honor his mother, Ellen Christina Steffensen Cannon. The scholarship enables University of Utah students to pursue excellence in their chosen fields of Education and Humanities, without the burden of employment. 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the first awarding of the Steffensen Cannon scholarship, and we celebrate the legacy of over 500 Steffensen Cannon Scholars supported by the program.

Recent Awardees


Sarah Braden Linguistics
Carol Castaneda Spanish Teaching
Carmen Flores Elementary Education
Amanda Cannon Gray
Hailey Haffey History
Erin Jensen Education Culture and Society
Kimi Jernigan Peace and Conflict Studies
Diego Luna Education Culture and Society
Hannah Meixell Undeclared
Mikala Mortensen Music Education
Brian Pace Educational Psychology
Glenda Palomino Elementary Education
Travis Ross History
Sarah Terry Undeclared
Robert Unzueta Education Culture and Society
Anna Vaughn Philosophy
Wei Wei Educational Psychology
Andrew Wells English
Vladyslava Yaramenko International Studies

News & Events

Steffensen Cannon Scholarship 25th Anniversary Celebration

The University of Utah’s Graduate School celebrated 25 years of Steffensen Cannon scholars on Thursday, April 30, 2015, at a special event at Rice Eccles Stadium. Established in 1989, the Ellen Christina Steffensen Cannon Scholarship has enabled more than 500 students to pursue excellence in their chosen fields of education and humanities. The legacy of the scholarship, "Be your best! Accomplish the most! Help the most!" is truly embodied by these former students of the University of Utah, many of whom have gone on to influential careers in education, business, law, and other fields.

Over 500 awardees since 1990