Visiting Scholars / Graduate Students / Postdoctoral Scholars

To apply for the honorary title of “Visiting Scholar,” “Visiting Graduate Student” or “Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar,” please refer to the policy link below to learn about the qualifications, policy, and privileges associated with these titles and complete the following:

1. Visiting Scholar Agreement

  1. Complete the Visiting Scholar Agreement (including Exhibit A, Description of research/work to be performed and Description of support for visiting scholar ) and send the agreement to the visiting scholar/student/postdoc.  The visiting scholar/student/postdoc will need to sign the form, complete Exhibit A “Support from the Corporation or Institution,” and obtain the appropriate signature from their corporation or institution. 
  2. Once the visiting scholar/student/postdoc returns the signed Visiting Scientist Agreement, the Department will need to obtain the appropriate signatures of the University’s Sponsoring Faculty and the Department or School.
    1. The Graduate School will obtain the signature from Technology & Venture Commercialization. 

2. Registry Form

  1. Complete the Registry Form
  2. Obtain appropriate approvals at the department and college level

3. Submit to the Graduate School

  1. Submit to the Graduate School for processing by emailing to
    1. Completed Visiting Scholar Agreement (minus the signature from Technology & Venture Commercialization)
    2. Completed Registry Form
    3. CV of visiting scholar/student/postdoc

NOTE: Any missing documents will delay the processing of the request.