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Meet the Grad School

Our programs offer support to students, postdoctoral fellows, staff, and faculty.

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Structure and Leadership

The Graduate School fosters excellence by providing administrative structure and leadership to maintain and enhance graduate education at the University of Utah. We work in partnership with programs and departments to assist students in their progress toward a degree and preparation for successful, relevant careers.

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Transformative, High-Quality Research

Recognized as a Top-Tier 1 research university, the U continues to develop groundbreaking research on a local, national, and international level.

The university’s distinguished research community is cultivated through its 18 colleges, 35 interdisciplinary programs, 100 academic departments/divisions, and 120 centers/bureaus on campus.

Timeline of Research at the U

Committed to Inclusivity

We are dedicated to collaborating with university entities to create a campus climate that accommodates all members of the graduate community.

Last Updated: 1/3/24