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Program Reviews

All undergraduate and graduate degree granting programs at the University of Utah are subject to regular review as mandated by the Utah Board of Higher Education. Reviews for programs with both graduate and undergraduate components or that award only graduate degrees are under the jurisdiction of the Graduate Council and are administered by the Dean and Associate Dean of the Graduate School. The Undergraduate Council reviews programs that are solely undergraduate in nature.

Program reviews have three purposes:

  1. To inform long-range planning on the stability and viability of programs.
  2. To provide educational units (typically departments) with the opportunity to engage in self-study and program enhancement.
  3. To deliver data to state agencies for the purposes of accountability.

Each program is reviewed on a seven-year cycle. The review is conducted by internal and external review committee members. This information is synthesized into a report by a committee of Graduate Council and Undergraduate Council members, which is reviewed and approved by the Graduate Council. Recommendations that can be achieved within the resources of the University are incorporated into an action plan for improvement.

Program Review Contacts

Denise Haynie

Paula Spencer

Program Review Administrator


Helene A. Shugart, PhD

Helene A. Shugart, PhD

Associate Dean


Last Updated: 5/16/24