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Graduate Advisors

In addition to the Directors of Graduate Studies, many programs have a staff member appointed as a graduate student advisor who assists students in navigating policies and completing required paperwork.



Advisor Documents



The Graduate Advisors Professional Association (GAPA) is a networking group that brings together graduate advisors from across disciplines at the University of Utah.  GAPA meets each semester to discuss a variety of topics, and is a resource for new and seasoned advisors. To join the GAPA listserv and receive information about meetings and graduate-program related topics, click the link below.

GAPA Meeting Dates & Minutes    GAPA listserv


GAPA Leadership

Kelly BrownKelly Brown

Department of Occupational & Recreational Therapies

phone (801) 585-0555

Christina Trepanier

Department of Operations and Information Systems

phone (801) 585-6694

Monika Kowalski

Department of Political Science
phone (801) 581-8608


Luisa Rogers

Department of Human Genetics

phone (801) 587-4490

Carrie Radmall

College of Nursing

phone (801) 581-8798

Inka JohnsonInka Johnson

College of Social Work

phone 801-581-4908



Sabrina SmithSabrina Smith

Graduate School - Administrative Assistant

phone (801) 213-2250
Last Updated: 4/19/22