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Graduate Student Success Working Group

In February 2019, the Educational Futures and Student Success Taskforce was formed and charged with “developing a vision and strategic plan for meeting the needs of the growing and diversifying student population in the state of Utah.”  One of the six working groups was the Graduate Student Success Working Group.

As they put it, “Graduate students drive success in research funding, raise the University’s national profile, and in many cases play a critical role in undergraduate education.  Ultimately this population fulfills state- and nation-wide employment demands.”


Recommendations of this working group included:

  • Promote an exceptional graduate student learning experience by focusing on core values, mentorship, communication, inclusive and diverse training environments, and the needs of international students.
  • Develop an integrated tracking system that empowers students to help manage their own progression and integrates with alumni tracking.
  • Provide robust recruitment infrastructure via bridging programs, graduate scholarships, and collaborative recruiting efforts at large schools and internationally.
  • Create a funding model, institutional incentives, and faculty/staff recognition that robustly support graduate level training.

The report of the Graduate Student Success Working Group, along with the other working groups, can be found in the full report.

Educational Futures & Student Success Taskforce



Strategy 2025

Work of the Educational Futures and Student Success Taskforce was rolled into a strategic plan that you can follow here.

Strategy 2025



Katie Ullman Graduate School
Kevin Whitty                       

Working Group Members


Stacy Ackerlind Student Affairs
Robert Baldwin Fine Arts
Jack Brittain Business
Sarah Hope Creem-Regehr
Social & Behavioral Science
Rena D'Souza Dentistry
Araceli Frias Graduate School Diversity Office
Thunder Jalili Health
Bill Johnson Mines & Earth Sciences
A.J. Metz Education
Christy Porucznik Medicine
Chalimar Swain International Student Services
Peter Trapa/Leslie Sieburth


Last Updated: 8/17/21