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Access to Online Committee Petitions for DGS

If the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) in your department has completed the FERPA training, which is required to access information in PeopleSoft and CIS, they can fill out the form below to gain access to the Online Committee Petition page.  This is necessary in order for they to review & approve exceptions by the department regarding committee policy:  i.e., for non-tenure-line faculty to serve on committees in lieu of tenure-line faculty for a Blanket Petition.  There are also Set committees for professional degrees and Core committees. 
This will also allow them to gain "view only” access to the Graduate Student Degree Tracking System in order to review graduate students' Online files.  
  1. Fill out the top portion of the form on page 1.
  2. On page 3 under Additional Operator Classes, type the following codes in 2 of the spaces provided:  
    • UPG_GRADTRCK4 (for “view only" access to GSDTS)
    • UPG_DOGSBLNKT (for Online Committee Petition access to approve faculty) see the attached PowerPoint I sent you in my last email
  3. Send in all 4 pages of the form to 
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Last Updated: 10/21/22