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Course Offerings From The Martha Bradley Evans Center for Teaching Excellence

The Martha Bradley Evans Center for Teaching Excellence is offering 2 courses in Spring 2023 for graduate students who are interested in teaching in higher education, either in their current graduate program or in their future careers.


CTLE 6000 Teaching in Higher Education

IVC on Wednesdays, 12:55-2:55

Discussion and practice of fundamental teaching methods. This class prepares individuals with the foundational pedagogical knowledge and skills to fulfill their teaching mission in an institution of higher education.


CTLE 6510 Cyber Pedagogy


Converting a successful in-person classroom course into an online environment involves much more than uploading course material to the institution's educational technology platform. Online teaching requires a different way of thinking about educational objectives; relationships with and between students; content organization and presentation; and, the interface between teacher, student and technology. This course introduces instructional technology paradigms by exploring principles of online learning; offering examples of instructional technology best practices; and, providing participants the opportunity to experiment with designing their own online strategies, techniques and approaches.

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Last Updated: 12/12/23