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Graduate Subsidized Health Insurance Program (GSHIP)

Graduate students may be eligible for the University of Utah’s Graduate Subsidized Health Insurance Program (GSHIP). 

To qualify, you must be supported as a Research Assistant (9314), Teaching Assistant (9416), Graduate Assistant – Research Focus (9330), and Graduate Assistant – Teaching Focus (9417), and receive a 100% tuition benefit.

GSHIP includes health insurance through United HealthCare Student Resources, and dental and vision insurance through Educators Mutual. Coverage for dependents is not subsidized.


If you are eligible for the subsidized program, do not complete your own enrollment with the insurance carrier. The Graduate School will complete your enrollment and pay the premium directly to the carrier.

Students who are not eligible for the subsidized program, but would like to enroll in the program at their own cost, should visit the Student Health Center website.

Premium Payment

Qualifying students are billed for 20% of the premium through Income Accounting. The Graduate School pays the remaining 80% at the start of the semester.

The Graduate School is reimbursed via employer payroll deduction from the TA benefit pool, RA benefit allotment or department activity. For this reason, RA’s must be paid from a grant (5000 fund) that has a benefit allotment for each student researcher.

GTs and GRs should only be added to GSHIP if there are funds available at the department level to cover the 80% premium cost.

Student Premium Responsibility

If you choose to enroll, your responsibility for the program (20% of the overall premium) will be billed to your tuition statement as follows:

Fall Semester Student Portion: $201.54
Coverage Dates: 8/16/22 – 12/31/22

Spring Semester Student Portion: $331.50
Coverage Dates: 1/1/23 – 8/15/23

Last Updated: 10/18/22