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Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award

Graduate students presenting at in-person academic conferences can apply to the Graduate School for up to $500 to cover registration, airfare, hotel, and ground transportation expenses. 

The Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award (GSTAA) is designed to provide students the opportunity to present research accomplishments to the academic community. The opportunity to attend a conference gives networking opportunities that may lead to future research and employment opportunities. 

All applications must be submitted online through our Travel Awards Portal. 


Award Eligibility

  • Actively enrolled in a U Master’s, Ph.D., or Professional program. 
  • Presenting at a conference 

You must provide verification that your abstract has been accepted to present at the conference you are attending. This can come in the form of an email from the conference stating that you have been accepted to present. 

  • Have not already received this award or another grad school award within the fiscal year. 

This is a one-time award, meaning graduate students are only eligible to receive the GSTAA once during their graduate career. Students are not allowed to receive more than one travel award per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). This includes all Graduate School awards (GSTAA, ECPDP, & VCA). 

  • Approval from home department. 

Applications are not considered complete until the Graduate School has received verification that you are presenting at a conference, approval from your department travel coordinator, and approval from your department chair. After you submit your application, an automatic email will be sent to the department travel coordinator that we have in our system letting them know there is an application that is pending their approval. After your coordinator approves your application, an automatic email notification will be sent to your department chair letting them know there is an application that is pending their approval. You are welcome to work with your department to move this approval process along.  

If you have questions on department approvals, please reach out to 

  • Receive dollar-for-dollar matching funds from your department or other university fund. 

This award requires a dollar-for-dollar match amount. Meaning, if you would like to receive the full $500, you will need another $500 either coming from your department or another university fund (PI, university mentor, ASUU, etc.). It is recommended that you confirm your match amount with your department’s travel coordinator before applying. If your department cannot provide the match amount, then it is your responsibility to secure funding from another university resource. If receiving matching funds from outside your department, be sure to communicate this with your department travel coordinator, as they will be the ones entering this information in your application. 

  • Have a travel number. 

The Travel Number will determine how the reimbursement is processed. It is either the Request ID found in Concur or ‘ePR’ if using the ePR system. If the student is a university employee, they will likely be using the Concur system. If they are a non-employee, they will likely be using the ePR system. The department travel coordinator will be the one entering this information in the application. 

  • Have all of the above submitted to the Graduate School prior to your travel date. 

Applications that are missing any of the necessary information will not be processed. If we do not receive the necessary information prior to the start travel date, the application will be canceled.  

**Funding from the graduate school is not guaranteed. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis according to the month of your start travel date. If there are no funds available for the month of your travel, your application could be waitlisted. ** 


When You Apply

The GSTAA online application must include the following: 

  1. A completed online application including the certification of eligibility to receive funding as a U.S. citizen or a citizen of another country who is lawfully present in the U.S. certification is done on the application.
  2. A copy of the abstract or project description submitted for the conference; copy and paste to the application.
  3. Travel estimates for eligible expenses; done on the application. We will award half of the allowable expenses up to $500 not to exceed the match amount. E.g. if your total estimated expenses is $1000 or more and your match amount is $500 or more, then we can award for the full $500. If your total estimated expenses is less than $1000, we will round up to the nearest hundred and award half of that not to exceed the match amount. E.g. if your total estimated expenses is $650, we can award no more than $350. 
  4. A single-page statement about the value of the meeting and presentation to your professional development as well as to the mission of your department or research lab; type or copy and paste to the application.
  5. A copy of the acceptance letter or email showing you have been accepted to present at the conference or meeting needs to be forwarded to  Any applications received that do not have an acceptance confirmation on file will not be processed until The Graduate School receives it, this could cause a delay in your application being processed.  


Using Your Award

The GSTAA is processed as a reimbursement through a student’s home department after the student has returned from their trip. It is expected that the department travel coordinator will communicate between the student and the Graduate School. 

If the student is a university employee, the trip will need to be registered in Concur. If the student is not a university employee, the reimbursement can be processed through the ePayment Request (ePR) system.  

The Graduate School will not reimburse the student directly. 

Forfeiture of Award: Funds awarded may only be used to pay for half of the allowable expenses up to the awarded amount not to exceed the match amount. The Graduate School has the right to rescind the award if the graduate student cancels, does not attend, or fails to meet GSTAA qualifications. Refer to the award letter for the terms of the award. 

Please note that any awards not claimed (submitted for reimbursement) within 60 days of travel will be forfeited. 


GSTAA funding can reimburse: 

  • Airfare/car mileage 
  • Ground transportation fares 
  • Lodging 
  • Abstract fees 
  • Conference registration fees 

GSTAA does not reimburse: 

  • Meals 
  • Per diem 
  • Society memberships/membership fees 
  • Poster preparation fees 
  • Training programs 
  • Mini-courses 
  • Travel audit fees (expense report fee in Concur) 

Travel Awards Web Portal

Once you have applied, you can follow the progress of your current and future applications at any time on the Portal.

Travel Portal Login

Questions? Contact Sabrina Smith at | (801) 581-7642

Last Updated: 11/13/23