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Nonmatriculated Students

Students who do not qualify for admission to The Graduate School or non-degree-seeking students may enroll in graduate-level classes on a nonmatriculated basis. (Some graduate-level courses, however, are restricted because of full enrollment, limited space, prerequisites, etc.) When such students want to be considered for matriculated graduate status, they must apply formally through the Admissions Office. Upon recommendation from the major department and approval by the Graduate Admission Committee, the student may qualify for admission. Grades received during nonmatriculated status do not guarantee admission into a graduate program. International students on visas are not eligible for nonmatriculated status.

Credits earned by nonmatriculated students may or may not apply to a graduate degree program. Graduate programs are designed and approved by faculty committees assigned to supervise each graduate student. Decisions on accepting course credit are made initially by these supervisory committees. Fifteen hours of nonmatriculated credit, taken no more than three years prior to the date of the request for approval to the Graduate School, can be applied toward a graduate degree. Credit for these hours is granted only if a grade of B or better was earned in the specified courses. Any exception to these requirements must be requested by the department chair or supervisory committee chair and approved by the dean of The Graduate School.

Any requests for exceptions to these general admission policies should be directed in writing to the Graduate Admissions Committee by the respective college or department.

For information on applying nonmatriculated credit hours towards a graduate degree, contact Darci Rollins at

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Last Updated: 11/3/23