Graduate Financial Resources

Graduate School Resources

These resources are provided by the Graduate School to help you be aware of and successfully apply for funding.

Fellowships & Benefits Office

Fellowship & Benefits Office

The Fellowships and Benefits Office of the Graduate School oversees Graduate Research Fellows, Insurance Benefits, and Graduate School Scholarships and Awards.

Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award (GSTAA)


Graduate students can qualify for fund matching with their departments for travel to conferences & presentations.

Graduate Funding Success Workshops

Graduate Funding Success Workshops

The Graduate School holds Graduate Funding Success Workshops several times each semester.
Workshop Library

Yearly Events and Deadlines

The following workshops are often held throughout the year. Check the current schedule for this semester’s workshops or past workshops for recorded content.

University of Utah Resources

The University of Utah has many resources to help you secure funding and maintain good money sense as a graduate student.

Pivot is a comprehensive global database of sponsored funding announcements and scholar profiles that is available to all University of Utah faculty, staff and students. Pivot uses a powerful search engine to find funding opportunities and collaborators that match your profile and search queries.

The Personal Money Management Center provides a competent and confidential atmosphere where students can have access to accredited counseling services, quality financial education and appropriate tools to achieving lifelong successful financial outcomes.

Many A. Ray Olpin Union Scholarships are available to graduate students. Union scholarships are often awarded based on need and representation status. Be sure to check out the “Graduate School and Union Student Leader Scholarship,” funded in part by the Graduate School.

Utah’s University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid provides financial aid counseling and a wide range of administrative support for students looking for academic funding.

External Resources

Funding and financial advice can be found in many places. The resources below may assist you as you plan your personal and academic plans.

The Council of Graduate Schools has developed GradSense, a unique online education platform that provides students with financial information about a range of topics including the value of pursuing an advanced degree. Through interactive visualization tools and engaging infographics, GradSense invite students to better understand a variety of issues related to borrowing and spending, potential future earnings, and money management.