International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Program

Welcome to the International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Program


International Teaching Assistants are a vital part of the teaching mission at the University of Utah. These multilingual students are a valued part of our campus community, bringing the best and the brightest from over two dozen countries and as many different disciplines. Since 1993, ITA training and evaluation has prepared and supported these ITAs, thereby maximizing their positive effect on the university community and ensuring they have the best experience possible in their graduate programs.

Graduate School policy requires all graduate students who are non-native speakers of North American English to be cleared by the ITA Program in order to be eligible for benefits awarded to Teaching Assistants. The two requirements, ITAP Spoken English Proficiency and ITA Training, are designed to prepare students for their TA roles, which consist primarily of running lab and discussion sections, grading, and holding office hours. Spoken English classes, ITA Seminars, and classroom observations help ITAs refine their skills.