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Graduate Student Summary Tutorial

Access your Summary

  1. Log in to the Campus Information System

    In the Student section, go to Student Homepage

    CIS homepage
  2. On the Student Homepage, find the Graduation icon

    Graduation tile

  3. Then click Graduate Student Summary

    Graduate Summary

Perform an Audit

Graduate Student Prog Plan Audit

The Grad Student Prog Plan Audit provides a summary of:

  • which Graduate School requirements have been met
  • where you are in terms of meeting your requirements for graduation
  • missing supervisory committee approvals
  • all the semesters for which you have been continuously enrolled
  • a list of all approved leaves of absence that have been placed on your record

Student Responsibilities

  • make sure you are on track for graduation
  • keep track of any missing approvals, grades, etc.

Sample Screenshot

View your Committee

Grad Student CommitteeThe Grad Student Committee page displays the members of your supervisory committee.

Student Responsibilities

  • form a supervisory committee and submit to your department for approval
  • verify your committee information
  • keep your department informed and up to date with any changes

Sample Screenshot

Work with your Program Of Study

Grad Student Program of Study

The Grad Student Program of Study contains the record of your coursework. Typically your department coordinator will enter this information one semester prior to graduation.

Student Responsibilities

  • verify all entered information is correct
  • keep your department informed and up to date with any changes in coursework
  • keep your department up to date with your expected semester of graduation
  • keep track of missing approvals

Sample Screenshot

Last Updated: 2/14/22