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Petition for an Extension

A petition for an extension of a Graduate student career beyond the established time limits consists of 

  1. formal letter of request to the Graduate Dean
  2. completion plan


The letter will demonstrate that the student is in good standing.

Good standing requirements

  1. satisfactory GPA for graduation
  2. formed supervisory committee
  3. program of study completed and approved by the faculty and directors of graduate studies/department chair
  4. taken all required preliminary exams and thesis proposal exams required by the department.
  5. proposed semester and year of graduation 

These must be fully updated in Grad Tracking.

The letter must demonstrate a firm commitment by the department, research supervisor, and the student to complete the agreement, including any commitments for financial support, and must provide a demonstration that the proposed path to graduation is feasible. 

Completion Plan

The completion plan lays out specific milestones leading to completion, and dates for the completion of the milestones. The milestones must include formal evaluation meetings with the supervisory committee at least once per semester (if a thesis defense does not occur within the semester).

The plan must be signed by

  1. the student
  2. the research supervisor
  3. the director of graduate studies or department chair

Failure to complete the milestones by the specified deadline may result in the dismissal from the program (the supervisory committee would review such a situation and make a recommendation).

Extension Limits

The petition may request either a one-semester or two-semester extension.

Further extensions will be considered for single semester extensions only, and any such request must provide a written update and a revised completion plan with updated milestones, dates, and signatures.

How to Submit the Petition

Send the letter and completion plan to the Graduate Records Office.

Email Graduate Records Office

Last Updated: 4/6/23