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Three Minute Thesis

Held in 85 countries  worldwide

Your thesis described in 3 minutes

900 universities participate

2023 3MT registration is CLOSED


What is 3MT?

The 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) program is designed to help students develop the communication skills necessary to make a compelling oral presentation on the value and impact of their research to a non-specialist audience.

As a research communication competition, the goal of 3MT is for students to articulate the significance of their research without using:

  • Jargon
  • Field-specific terminology
  • Other language unfamiliar to those outside their fields of study

3MT training helps students hone their ability to quickly and effectively articulate the value of their research.  This skill-set is critical in many academic settings, whether communicating with collaborators, funding agencies, or trainees. Just as important, the communication skills learned in 3MT training are transferable and valued in many non-academic careers paths.

The Graduate School and the Career and Professional Development Center collaborate to offer training and sponsor a University of Utah 3MT competition.  In addition to prizes at our local event, the winner goes on to represent the U at the Western Association of Graduate Schools competition!


In 2008 the University of Queensland in Australia held the first official 3MT competition with 160 competitors in that first year.  More recently, the 3MT program has spread to over 85 participating countries worldwide.  The University of Utah began holding a 3MT competition in 2013

3MT Videos

Participants from across campus competed against each other to determine who could give the most compelling summary of their dissertation or thesis in three minutes or less.  Enjoy these videos as a taste of the excellent graduate work being done at the University of Utah.

Last Updated: 5/24/23