Expediting Your Manuscript

Policy for Expedited Submissions: We can provide expedited processing for students who anticipate meeting a specific and compelling deadline if we are given enough advance warning, documentation of the need, and a manuscript prepared well enough that moving it ahead in line does not negatively impact students who turned their manuscripts in earlier. Expedited processing is not a guarantee that we can meet your deadline. Depending on the time of the semester, the number of other requests for expedition that have been submitted before yours, and the speed with which you make required corrections to your document, approved manuscripts can be finished within 2 weeks of the request.

Students who wish to be considered for expedition must provide the following:

  1. A compelling reason for being expedited including detailed circumstances and when the degree is required
  2. A letter from prospective employers or others requiring proof of degree conferral
  3. A manuscript without major formatting or grammar errors and conforming to the following specific formatting requirements that facilitate speed for the thesis editors:
    1. All figures and tables at the ends of the chapters.
    2. No list of figures or list of tables if there are greater than 25 entries on the lists.
    3. Only main headings and first level subheads included in the table of contents.
    4. If your manuscript includes reprints and the publisher does not specifically disallow the use of images, your reprint chapters must consist of images of the published PDF pages. Click this link for an example of how to do this.

Send expedite requests to kelly.harward@gradschool.utah.edu