Online Thesis Submission

SUMMER DEADLINE NOTICE: All complete approval forms from students must be submitted with their manuscripts by the deadline this Friday, June 19th. Digital signatures from committee members must be completed by next Friday, June 26th to be considered for Summer graduation.
Please see the procedure for approval forms here: Electronic Submission of Dissertation Manuscripts and Required Forms for Thesis Office Review​

Because of the COVID-19 situation, please use the two following steps:

  • Send a box link, using the enable share link, to the PDF of your manuscript AND
  • Attach a completed copy of this submission form

To this email address: do not wait for digital signatures to submit manuscripts)

Please note that Preliminary Reviews will not be processed until Spring semester has been completed.

Submission form

How to share a link from Box

Step 1: click “Share this Folder” from inside the folder that contains your manuscript

Step 2: activate the “Enable shared link” option

Step 3: Click “Copy” and paste that link into an email to along with a completed submission form (linked above).