Online Thesis Submission

We are replacing the temporary Covid submission procedure used for Summer semester with the permanent OnBase system for online manuscript submissions and digital approval signatures.

Please submit your manuscript as a PDF ONLY.

NOTE: The OnBase system has a 50 MB limit for uploads. If your PDF is over the limit, please compress your file.


For a Preliminary Review prior to your defense, a PDF is all that is required. DO NOT SUBMIT A WORD DOCUMENT.

ATTENTION: For students who are submitting a Preliminary Review, you’ll select “Initial Review” on the form. However, after your defense when you submit a Defended Manuscript, you must select “Initial Review” again, NOT “Resubmission.” If you select “Resubmission” for your first post-defense submission, you will miss the step that requires you to enter your Committee Members’ information and will not receive their approval. This means you will not be processed for graduation.

APPROVAL SIGNATURES: In order to enter your Committee Members’ information, you simply select “Defended” under “Manuscript Type” and “Initial Review” under “Manuscript Submission Type.” This will open a dropdown menu entitled “Supervisory Committee and Department Chairs”. Once you fill out their names and uNIDs, they will be notified by email that your submission is pending their approval in the form of a digital signature on the Approval form.

For a Defended Manuscript after your defense, if you are using any copyrighted material, you will also need to submit written copyright permission from the copyright holder to the Thesis Office.

Please submit all copyright permissions here:

If you have chapters that were previously published, you will need to submit written copyright permission from the publisher to reuse the article as part of your thesis or dissertation. In addition, you will need Multiple Author Releases from all your coauthors.

Please submit this form for every published article you include in your manuscript.