Inspired Academics

The University of Utah consistently ranks in the
TOP 25
in the United States for federally funded research in public universities.

Ready to live, eat, and breathe your subject? You've come to the right place. At Utah, the hallmarks of graduate study -creativity, rigor, immersion- run across disciplines.

By the time you get to graduate school, you're beyond parochialism. In graduate school, you're working one-on-one. The beauty of a university is that there are experts on almost everything, and they know that their expertise is of value to other people.
       -Joe Andrade, Professor, Bioengineering
Mentors are a vital part of the graduate school experience. Whether in the arts or science, the value of the mentoring relationship is immeasurable.
       -David Chapman
       Dean Emeritus of The Graduate School

In Pursuit of Knowledge

The University of Utah is a center for scholarship and creativity in science, humanities, and fine arts. Graduate students are essential contributors to the University's mission to educate the individual and to discover, refine, and disseminate knowledge.

Degrees Awarded Annually
Total Graduate: 2,035
Medicine and Law: 277
Doctoral: 276
Master's: 1,482

Graduate Degrees

More than five decades have passed since the first Ph.D. degree was earned at the University of Utah. Now there are doctoral and master's degree programs in more than 90 areas. A number of programs unite disciplines and cross departmental and college lines. Graduate degree programs are offered in the colleges of Architecture and Planning, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Health, Humanities, Law, Mines and Earth Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, Science, Social and Behavioral Science, Social Work, and in the schools of Business and Medicine.

Founded in 1850, the University of Utah is classified as a comprehensive research university among the 3,400 U.S. institutions. The National Science Foundation ranks Utah with MIT and Stanford as national leaders in the licensing of new technology.