Work Hard, Play Hard
Bryce Rocks

Credit: Photo by Susànica Tam

Bryce, Zion, Arches, Monument Valley, Canyonlands

Words and pictures cannot convey the experience of being here. A source of inspiration for students across disciplines, Utah's gems -five national parks, seven national monuments, two national recreation areas, and one national historic sites- are all within a day's drive of campus. More information: and

Outdoor Recreation

Mountain bike, hike, climb, camp, raft, snowshoe, ski. Utah offers endless possibilities for recreation. Don't have the equipment to do it all? The University's Outdoor Recreation office rents a variety of camping and recreational equipment for all seasons. In addition, you can find other like-minded enthusiasts through this office to accompany you. More information: .

A landscape that inspires creativity and contemplation

4,300 feet above sea level, Salt Lake City sits on ground once covered by Lake Bonneville, a prehistoric lake that spanned parts of Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. Lake Bonneville became the world's second-largest saltwater lake, the Great Salt Lake.

Credit: Photo by Tara Anderson

Credit: Photo by Jesse Varner