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Professional Development Opportunity (STEM): training in public engagement

The STEM Ambassador Program (STEMAP)is an NSF-funded training program aimed at scientists to design and implement effective public engagement and broader impacts activities. They are recruiting University of Utah graduate students, post docs, staff, and faculty to participate in a training during the Spring semester. 2022 Applications are due on December 15, 2021.

Why become an Ambassador?

  • to promote increased public access to science;
  • to interact with other scientists and build positive relationships in the local community;
  • to design and carry out innovative engagement work that will make CVs and NSF Broader Impacts stand out.

This can be a great complement to graduate or postdoctoral training!

STEMAP requires a time commitment of 12 hours of training over 4 months plus additional time to implement engagement activities.

STEMAP is directed by Dr. Nalini Nadkarni and funded by the National Science Foundation. Participants in the training participate in a series of five workshops and one-on-one meetings over a semester to design, implement, and evaluate a public engagement project. Engagement projects will take place outside traditional science learning venues such as museums, schools, and college campuses, to include people who cannot or do not engage with science in traditional science learning venues. Instead, they carry out events in community venues where public groups live, work, recreate, and worship.  

STEMAP has trained over 150 Ambassadors from many disciplines, including engineering, biology, geology, math, anthropology, urban planning, and physics.

This upcoming training and all engagement projects will be conducted in accordance with University of Utah public health guidance (in-person or online). Participants will be notified of the location before the orientation workshop.

 The application can be found on the STEMAP website, and here

Please contact Meg Young with any questions before the December 15th application deadline.


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Last Updated: 11/19/21