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Student Mental Health at the U

The You@Utah online portal is designed to help students explore their strengths, manage stress, set goals, promote happiness and well-being and connect to campus resources to “thrive, succeed and matter."


The portal fosters student success in three domains:

  1. Thrive: Physical/mental health
  2. Succeed: Academics/career
  3. Matter: Purpose/community/social connections

The portal serves up relevant information and campus resources and the content becomes personalized when a student builds their profile, completes brief assessments or searches for something specific. There also is a built-in function for students to set goals and check them off as they go. U faculty and staff are able to explore the You@Utah resource as well.


University of Utah students can create a completely confidential account with their campus credentials and begin exploring the portal today. Here are just a few of the things that You@Utah can help with immediately:

  • Tips to adjust to online learning
  • Coping with stress and anxiety in a changing world
  • Maintaining and growing social connections even while practicing physical distancing

Every student, staff and faculty member is encouraged to focus on their well-being during this challenging time. New content is being added to You@Utah on a weekly basis to help support all members of our community.


Sign up with your campus credentials and start the path to better mental health today.


Any currently enrolled U student may request an intake appointment at the University Counseling Center by calling 801-581-6826. Telephone crisis services are available at the same number. For after-hours emergencies, contact the 24/7 Crisis Lines: 801-587-3000.

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Last Updated: 9/8/21