Graduation Overview for Doctoral Candidates

Graduate Student Committee

Talk to your department coordinator about forming your Graduate Student Committee. In general, your committee should be formed by the beginning of the second year of your graduate program, although this varies by department.

When your committee is formed, an Electronic Graduate Record File is established and approved by The Graduate School. You can view your Electronic Graduate Record File by logging into Campus Information Services ( and clicking on Graduate Student Summary under theGraduate Students section.

More information on using CIS to view your Electronic Graduate Record File is available in this tutorial.

Program Of Study

Your department coordinator will enter your Program of Study into your Electronic Graduate Record File. Your Graduate Student Committee should approve this Program of Study no later than one semester before graduation.

Applying For Graduation

Beginning in Fall 2010, all candidates for graduation must complete an Application for Graduate Degree with the Graduation Division of the Office of the Registrar.

Details about this application, including application deadlines and the required form, are available at

Graduate School Protocol

Although your department coordinator will complete each of the following items in your Electronic Graduate Record File, you should be aware of the following deadlines to ensure graduation in a specific semester.

If you have any questions about this protocol or whether your Electronic Graduate Record File has been completed by the given deadlines, please consult with your department coordinator.

Additionally, the Thesis Office has further requirements to obtain a Thesis Release (required prior to graduation). An overview of these requirements and their deadlines, as well as information about submission of theses and dissertations, format samples, and required forms, are available from the Thesis Office. Questions regarding theses and dissertations should be directed to the Thesis Office.

Semester of Graduation Last day department-approved submissions over 200 pages will be accepted (1)Last day submissions will be accepted to begin the format approval process (2)Language Verification (if required)
Spring 2020 Mar 6 Mar 13 Apr 21
Summer 2020 Jun 12 Jun 19 Jul 29
Fall 2020 Oct 16 Oct 23 TBD
  1. Submitted by the student.
  2. Initiated by the student in the Department of Languages and Literature; entered by the Department of Languages and Literature.
Please Note:
  1. For graduation within a given semester, all graduate program requirements must be completed and processed by the Graduate Records Office and Registrar’s office within two weeks following the published final examination period. Students should view their electronic files online under the Campus Information System on the Grad Student Prog Plan Audit page (see the EGRF tutorial for details).
    Deadlines for all requirements are clearly stated on The Graduate School website, and it is the student’s responsibility to observe all deadlines and to check with his or her home department if anything on the Requirements Audit Tab is incomplete.
    If any requirement is not met, the student must reapply for graduation in the following semester.
  2. Each department should confirm the posting of student degrees after each graduation.


For further information regarding your Electronic Graduate Record File, please consult this tutorial. Questions regarding your committee, graduate record, or graduation can be directed to Graduate Records at (801) 585-9873 or