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Tuition Benefit Petitions

The Graduate School has a petition process available for tuition benefit situations that fall outside of the normal expectations for the program. Those petitions are to be submitted below using the Tuition Benefit Petition Portal. All Tuition Benefit petitions must be submitted by the department supporting the student. Petitions submitted directly by the student will be referred to the academic program and not be reviewed.

Types of Petitions

  1. TA Extension Petitions

    Petitions for up to two additional semesters of Tuition Benefit Eligibility beyond the expected norm for TA students who have been supporting the educational mission of the university.
  2. Working Outside Home Department

    Petitions for approval of students working outside of their academic home department.
  3. General Petition Form

    General Petition forms that do not match the above, including extension requests for COVID related circumstances, requests for exceptions to Tuition Benefit Policies, or other petitions that do not match any of the above.

Required Documentation

While doing submissions within the portal, you will find that you need to include specific information/documentation. Please be sure to upload all appropriate material or we will not be able to review your request and resubmission may be required.

TA Extension

  • Student Information (Including the semesters the student worked as a TA)
  • Department Information
  • Completion Plan
  • Signed Guaranteed Support Form

Working Outside Home Department

  • Student Information
  • Home Department Information
  • Job Information, including curricular connection

General Petition

  • Student Information
  • Department Information
  • Description of Reason for Exception
  • Completion Plan
  • Signed Guaranteed Support Form



Please keep in mind that this is a petition submission process and approval of the petition not is guaranteed.

To ensure the best possible chances of submission success, please be sure to review the following criteria:

  1. Only current graduate students participating in the tuition benefit program are eligible for petitions.
  2. Students should be in good academic standing, as defined by the Graduate School (caveat being the exception to policy petition).
  3. When submitting a petition, all other Tuition Benefit Program participation requirements not pertaining to the petition are to still be met, such as minimum enrollment. 
  4. Wherever possible, grad tracking must be up to date, including formation of committee with approvals, entered and approved program of study, and comprehensive exams listed with pass/pass with revision, as far as is applicable.
  5. When considering extension petitions, it is important that the department is prepared to continue to support the students. TBP allocations (TA/GT/GR/GF) and F&A returned overhead (RA) will be charged in the regular fashion, meaning that students entered for extension will continue to count against these values.  




The petition for TBP in a given semester must be submitted before the TBP deadline for that semester. (Tuition Benefit portal closes on the semester’s census date.)

Only one COVID-19 TBP extension petition is allowed per student. A single petition can request up to two additional semesters.

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Last Updated: 8/14/23