Coauthored Theses and Dissertations

Coauthors as degree candidates
On rare occasions, a single thesis that a student has coauthored with another student (or students), each of whom is a candidate for a master’s degree, may be submitted provided the supervisory committee gives prior recommendation and approval to each student’s role in the collaboration, the thesis represents the work equivalent of a single, independent thesis for each coauthor (i.e., the scope, depth of analysis, and sophistication of approach reflect the work of more than one author), and it is evident that each student has made a significant contribution to the thesis. Candidates for the doctoral degree may not collaborate on a single dissertation.

Material coauthored with nonstudent(s)
A degree candidate may use previously published or submitted material that has been coauthored with a nonstudent (e.g., faculty member, research director) as part or all of a thesis or dissertation if the supervisory committee recommends the material be included and has determined the candidate’s role in the collaboration “… gives evidence of originality and ability in independent investigation and is a contribution to knowledge or the creative arts” (University Regulations Library 6-203-III-F).

Multiple author releases required
In all cases of multiple authorship, releases from the coauthor(s) must be submitted to the thesis editor prior to graduation. Forms for the legal release required are available on The Graduate School website (see “Thesis and Dissertation Forms”).