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Spacing Requirements

Heading Space

  • after main headings 
  • before all freestanding 
  • subheadings 
    in the case where a figure or table has been placed on a page with body text, a heading space should separate the figure or table from the text on the rest of the page 

Double Space

  • between lines of text
  • after all freestanding subheadings 
  • before paragraph subheadings 
  • before and after single- spaced block quotes
  • between lines of subheadings when subheadings extend to more than one line
  • between entries in lists of tables and figures and in references
  • before and after main heading entries in the table of contents 

Single Space

  • within entries in lists of figures and tables 
  • within entries in reference lists
  • between footnote or endnote entries (double spaces may be used if there are superscript or subscript numbers in the notes)
  • between subheads in table of contents
  • between lines in figure captions and table titles (double spaces may be used if there are super- or subscript numbers in caption or title)


Last Updated: 8/24/22