General Formatting Requirements

The text follows the preliminary pages and is numbered with Arabic numerals. Page numbers of the text are in the upper right corner of the page between the top margin and the top edge of the page. The number is placed so that it does not extend into the right margin. Pages with MAIN HEADINGS (the first page of chapters or titled sections) are counted in sequence with the rest of the text (beginning with page 1); however, no number appears on main heading pages. The heading of each chapter or titled section, e.g., INTRODUCTION, CHAPTER 1, CHAPTER 2, is placed 2 inches from the top of the page in all capital letters. Following a heading space, the title for numbered chapters appears in all capital letters. Following another heading space, the text begins. If chapter numbers are not used, a heading space separates the title from the first paragraph of text.

The organization of the text is the responsibility of the student and the supervisory committee and varies by discipline and subject. The text must be well organized and must adhere to standards in the student’s field. The text may begin with a separate introduction, or the introduction may form all or a portion of the first chapter or titled section. Text may be divided into chapters, numbered with Roman or Arabic numerals (but not both), each chapter having its own title.

Another option is to divide the text into titled sections. If this option is chosen, the titled section may or may not be numbered. For example, if the text is divided into INTRODUCTION, REVIEW OF LITERATURE, METHODS, RESULTS, and DISCUSSION (or other similar divisions), the INTRODUCTION may be assigned the number “1” and other titled sections numbered sequentially or only the word INTRODUCTION may stand as the section title. Note that such section titles are in all capital letters.  See Figure 2.8.

The text must be double-spaced throughout (except for block quotes). No additional space is inserted between paragraphs. All paragraphs must be uniformly indented.  Please note that some word processing software will automatically add an extra space between each paragraph; this paragraph setting must be turned off in order for the document to be formatted correctly.

For helpful hints on formatting, refer to the FAQ on the Thesis Office website.