Print Quality

The same size and style of print must be used throughout the manuscript. Characters must be clear and sharp. Illegible, indistinct, or blurred letters are not acceptable. Standard print size (10 or 12) must be used. Some font styles in 10, however, may be too small. (ProQuest requires a minimum of 2 millimeters for print.) The Graduate School requires clear, legible print. The thesis editor should be consulted regarding unusually small or large print.) Font size must not affect accepted spacing of main headings and subheadings. See Table 4.1 for recommended fonts and print sizes.

The right margin of the manuscript may be justified if the spacing between words is not unusually large, if words are properly hyphenated, and if the right margin is justified on every full line of text, including footnotes and references.

No prepackaged computer program completely adheres to the University of Utah Graduate School thesis guidelines. The Knowledge Commons in the Marriott Library is an excellent resource for computer questions: ( / 801-581-8558).

Color should be used only where necessary.


Table 4.1 Recommended fonts and print sizes.  Each font is in the style indicated.

Arial 10 pt. or 12 pt.
Century 11 pt. or 12 pt.
Garamond 12 pt.
Georgia 11 pt.
Microsoft Sans


10 pt. or 12 pt.
Tahoma 10 pt.
Times New Roman 12 pt.
Trebuchet MS 10 pt. or

12 pt.

Verdana 10 pt.

Adapted from: ProQuest/UMI Gradworks Guide F2006