Statement of Dissertation/Thesis Approval

The Statement of Thesis/Dissertation approval is page ii (Roman numeral) of the manuscript (page number not shown). This Statement is prepared as shown in Figure 2.4 (for master’s students) and Figure 2.5 (for doctoral students). Templates in Word .doc and LaTeX are available on The Graduate School website under “Thesis and Dissertation Forms.”

The Statement of Thesis/Dissertation Approval form replaces the signed Supervisory Committee and Final Reading Approval forms in the electronic document. It signifies that the thesis or dissertation has been approved by the committee chair and a majority of the members of the committee and by the department chair and the dean of The Graduate School. The names of any committee members who did not approve the thesis or dissertation are not dated.

The full name of the student, as it appears on the title page and copyright page, must be used.

As with the hard copy signature sheets, full legal names of committee members must be listed. Neither degrees nor titles should be listed with the names of faculty members. No signatures are used on this form.