Title Page

The title page is page i (Roman numeral) of the manuscript (page number not shown).

The title of the thesis or dissertation is typed in all capital letters. The title should be placed in the same size and style of font as that used for main headings throughout the manuscript. If longer than 4 1/2 inches, the title should be double spaced and arranged in an inverted pyramid. The title should be a concise yet comprehensive description of the contents for cataloging and data retrieval purposes. Initials, abbreviations, acronyms, numerals, formulas, super/subscripts, and symbols should only be used in the title with careful consideration of maximizing search results for future readers. Consult the thesis editor.

The word “by” follows six lines below the title. The full legal name of the author follows after a double space. The name is not typed in all capital letters.

The statement “A thesis submitted to the faculty of The University of Utah in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of” appears in the middle of the title page six lines below the title (see Figure 2.1). For doctoral candidates, the phrasing reads “A dissertation submitted. . . ”

The appropriate degree follows six lines below the statement. The degree program is specified if the name of the program and the department are different. For example, since the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering only offers graduate degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering, the degree would simply be“Doctor of Philosophy” or “Master of Science” (see Figure 2.1). The School of Computing, on the other hand, offers multiple degrees, such as Computing and Computer Science, so the degree would be “Doctor of Philosophy” or “Master of Science” followed by “in” followed by “Computer Science” or Computer Science,” all double spaced (see Figure 2.2).

Six lines below the degree field, the full name of the department is listed on the title page.

The name of the institution, “The University of Utah,” is listed a double space below the department name.

The date appears on the title page a double space below “The University of Utah.” Only the month and year appear, with no punctuation separating them. The month indicates the last month in the semester the degree is granted: fall semester, December; spring semester, May; summer semester, August.