2006-2007 Awarded Fellowships

Marriner S. Eccles Fellowship In Political Economy

  • Mahmoud Hamad (Political Science)
  • Matthew Tyler Lund (Economics)

Graduate Research Fellows

  • Amit Agrawal (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Christopher Fox (Bioengineering)
  • Melissa Goldsmith (Political Science)
  • Susan Goslee (English)
  • Minde Hanson (Neurobiology and Anatomy)
  • Ivaliha Kalcheva (School of Business)
  • Gwen Latendresse (Nursing)
  • Sali Li (School of Business)
  • Jael Malenke (Biology)
  • Sterling Paramore (Chemistry)
  • Anna Sivatchenko (Human Genetics)
  • Zuzanna Smolarkiewicz (Art and Art History)
  • Christine Turnbull (Biology)
  • Jeffrey Adam VanLooy (Geography)
  • Julie Willis (Geology and Geophysics)
  • Lindsay Zanno (Geology and Geophysics)

Steffensen Cannon Scholarships

  • Brin Carol Bon (Philosophy)
  • Charlotte Cannon (Mathematics and Music)
  • Timothy Wade Cannon (Business and Psychology)
  • Elizabeth A. Clark (History and Languages and Literature)
  • Lindsay Clark (Languages and Literature)
  • Melissa Ann Davis (Teaching and Learning)
  • Robert “Robin” S. Powell (Languages and Literature)
  • Katie Lynn Price (English)
  • Brighton L. Walker (Special Education)
  • Lynette Astrid Averill (Educational Psychology)
  • Cara D. Diaconoff (English)
  • Mehmet A. Dogan (Middle East Center)
  • Elena Estanol (Educational Psychology)
  • Mark L. Guthmiller (Educational Psychology)
  • Charles G. Hudgins (Philosophy)
  • Amadou Niang (Educational Culture and Society)
  • Azadeh Saljooghi (Communication)
  • Wilson de Lima Silva (Linguistics)
  • Michael Patrick White (English)
  • Caridad E. Woltz (Languages and Literature)

Tanner Graduate Fellowship For Prevention Of Violence

  • Benjamin R. Peterson (Psychology)
  • James C.R. Redman (Anthropology)