Insurance Q&A

Graduate Subsidized Health Insurance (GSHIP) Q&A

Q1. What health insurance is available for University of Utah graduate students?

A1. All eligible University of Utah students, graduate and undergraduate, can enroll in a student health insurance plan serviced by United HealthCare StudentResources. A brochure describing the existing plan is available at the U of U Student Health Center website or on-line at Students may also enroll in a private plan not offered through the University, although international students who purchase a private plan will be required to complete a waiver process and the coverage purchased must fulfill certain requirements in order for the waiver to be approved – go to, or contact Kerry Hill at the Student Health Center for more information.

Q2. Who is eligible to participate in the GSHIP?

A2. Full-time graduate TAs, RAs, GRs and Gts, or graduate students with a full-time combination of those appointments may be eligible to receive the health insurance subsidy. Check with your department to verify eligibility and the availability of funding.


Q3. What are the requirements for qualifying for the GSHIP?

A3. The health insurance requirements match the graduate student tuition benefit plan (TBP) requirements for a full or 100% tuition benefit: (a) be a matriculated graduate student, (b) receive the minimum required support for 100% tuition benefit each semester, (c) be registered for at least nine credit hours (but no more than 16); and (d) be in good standing (cumulative GPA of 3.0, Law School, 2.5). The semester assignment must be 100% TA, RA, GR, GT or 100% mix of those categories. Tuition benefit time limits also apply to the health insurance benefit.


Q4. Is it mandatory to participate in the subsidized health insurance benefit plan?

A4. No. You may choose not to enroll in the subsidized plan, however international students are automatically enrolled in the student health plan unless they have waived coverage through the Student Health Center, see A1 above.


Q5. How can I participate in the GSHIP?

A5. At the start of Fall and Spring semesters, communicate to your departmental TBP coordinator that you wish to elect coverage under the subsidized health insurance benefit plan. After verifying your eligibility (see A3 above), your TBP coordinator will enter your data on the departmental TBP web page and check the health insurance box indicating your desire to participate. The signature sheet for the TBP has a column indicating whether or not you are enrolling. If your name is not entered on the TBP web page for that semester, you cannot participate in the subsidized health insurance plan for that semester.


Q6. What if I am left off the TBP/GSHIP web list?

A6. It is your responsibility to verify with your department’s tuition benefit coordinator before the 15th day of classes each Fall and Spring semester that you have been entered on the departmental list. After the 15th day of classes each semester, no additional changes can be made to subsidized insurance enrollment. No retroactive benefits are available for the TBP, and none will be available for the GSHIP.


Q7. What if I enroll in the GSHIP but fail to satisfy the requirements?

A7. You will be responsible for the full amount of the premium.


Q8. What is the maximum benefit and covered services?

A8. Per the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the student insurance plan has no overall maximum dollar limit (per insured person, per policy year). Covered services are described in the plan booklet and on-line at


Q9. Is maternity care available with the GSHIP?

A9. Yes. All student health insurance plans are required to include maternity benefits.


Q10. Are prescription drugs covered under the GSHIP?

A10. Yes. The benefit for Prescription Drugs reimburses the students for 50% of the cost of prescriptions.” Birth control prescriptions are reimbursed at 100%. For instructions on submitting receipts for reimbursement, please go to . Receipts should be sent in within 60 days of purchase.


Q11. What is the cost of the insurance?

A11. If you are part of the subsidized plan, the University pays 80% of your annual premium and you pay 20% of the annual premium. For the 2020-21 academic year, the cost to the student for Fall semester (8/16/20 – 12/31/20) is $180.81, and for Spring semester the cost to the student is $297.55 (1/1/21 – 8/15/21). You are responsible for the full additional premium if you add a spouse and/or children.


Q12. If my department is willing to pay my 20% part of the premium, how do they pay that amount?

A12. The department may pay the fee through the University’s Scholarship Administration system.


Q13. If I have a spouse and/or dependent children, can they be added to my GSHIP coverage?

A13. If you wish to add coverage for spouse and/or children, you must enroll them online and pay the appropriate premium at your expense. Click “Enrollment Info” and then “Dependent Coverage Page” at during the open enrollment period to reserve coverage for your dependents. The premium amounts for adding spouse or children for the subsidized plan are available at the beginning of the brochure found at International students can refer to this flow chart for instructions:

To add a dependent to the dental/vision policy, please email to obtain the required form.


Q14. If the department is willing to pay for adding dependents, how do they pay?

A14. The department may pay by check to United HealthCare StudentResources and Educators Mutual Insurance for individuals or groups of students in their department. See GSHIP quick reference guide on the Coordinator Resources page for additional information.


Q15. What are the dates of GSHIP coverage?

A15. Coverage for the subsidized plan only is divided into FALL and SPRING/SUMMER coverage periods: 8/16 – 12/31 (Fall enrollment), and 1/1– 8/15 (Spring enrollment) each year.

Q16. If I am covered by the GSHIP for both Fall and Spring semesters, who pays for Summer semester?

A16. Summer semester is included in your Spring semester payment. For this reason, the payment is larger in Spring than in Fall.


Q17. If I am qualified on the GSHIP for just a single semester (Fall or Spring) during the academic year, what happens to my insurance coverage for the next term and for the summer?

A17. If you are supported for a single semester on the TBP, you are encouraged to enroll in the voluntary plan for the subsequent semester(s) to keep continuous health insurance coverage. Please contact the Office for Fellowships & Benefits with any questions:


Q18. I am a Graduate Fellow (GF), but my department wishes to provide me with a health insurance plan. What must be done?

A18. Check with your department to find out how they would like to handle payment. The department could pay United HealthCare directly by check for your insurance, or they may ask you to pay up front and be reimbursed. If they ask you to enroll first, you can find the appropriate links at – click on “Insurance.”

Q19. How do I obtain a description of the United HealthCare insurance policy?

A19. The general policy, including coverage, is available on-line at