PrEP and Insurance Coverage

Students on the U’s student insurance plan may contact the U’s Clinic 1-A and/or the Student Health Center for assistance with PrEP prescriptions. The Health Center and Clinic 1-A have recently come to an agreement in which students on our insurance plan can receive a card through Gilead (the drug manufacturer) to receive the prescription at no cost. Additionally, after June 2020, all insurance plans will be required to cover PrEP in full to meet the ACA’s requirement of covering preventative care.

At this time, students on our plan should contact Clinic 1-A or visit the Student Health Center directly. If they run into issues obtaining the Gilead card/the free prescription, they should visit the Student Health Center. The LGBT Resource Center is also happy to assist students in making these connections to resources.

Additionally, PreP requires regular HIV testing. Students insured by the student health plan can receive free HIV testing at the Student Health Center. For those who are uninsured, The Center for Student Wellness and the Utah Aids Foundation offer free testing.