Thesis Office Resources

Pre-Defense to Publication: A Checklist

This detailed, step-by-step guide shows you the steps you need to take in order to maximize your journey through the Thesis Office. Following the steps in this document will greatly help you understand the Thesis Office process and effectively prepare your manuscript.

Pre-Defense to Publication Checklist for Graduate Students


Deadlines and Defense
This video gives an overview of the Thesis Office deadlines, the correct procedure for getting through the editing process, and handy tips for preparing your submission.

Manuscript Tracking
Refer to this video to learn how to navigate the Thesis Office’s online tracking tool to determine where your manuscript is in the Thesis Editor’s reading queue.

Word Template
This video walks you through the basics of the Thesis Office’s Word Template for theses and dissertations.

Expediting Your Manuscript

Policy for Expedited Submissions: Due to the large number of requests, students who wish to be considered for having their submissions expedited must provide the following:

  • A compelling reason for being expedited including detailed circumstances and when the degree is required
  • A letter from prospective employers or others requiring proof of degree conferral
  • A manuscript without major formatting or grammar errors

In order to ensure faster processing, you must follow these recommendations in the Handbook:

  • Only include first-level subheads in the Table of Contents
  • Only include Lists if you have under 25 figures/tables
  • Place figures and tables at the end of the chapter where they are first mentioned in the text

Again, being placed in the expedite pile does not guarantee that your manuscript will be processed in time for graduation.